Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 78 A Mother's Love

A Mother's Love 

Another interesting week here in Taulabé. I feel like there is just soooo many people it's a struggle to remember everyone that we are teaching and keeping everything in order. I spent most of Sunday with the branch pres. from El Carmen (the branch in Siguatepeque) and they are in plans to make a district here in Siguatepeque. The plan is to spilt the branch in two and do the same with the ward and then officially open up Taulabé as a branch. Really exciting and just makes me smile to see the church growing. 

Had a special moment this week with a sister from the ward. One of her sons who was serving in the air force was shot and killed. He was inside the base and supposedly was joking around with a few others and in the end he lost his life. He was the second oldest of her children and only was 20 years old. The family is really special to  me because I knew them when I was serving in Santa Fe. I think I explained this story before but in short they moved here to Taulabé a little bit before Elder Co and I arrived. The sister gives us lunch and dinner almost every day. They have helped us so much and really show us so much love. I had really come close to them and truly felt the Savior´s love in their home. All that being said it was a bit of a surprise when she called us to tell us her son had passed away. She invited us to come to the house where they had the casket and to attend the funeral services. We called a few members from Siguatepeque and organized a little message. We sang I know my Savior Lives and pres. Zungia dedicated the grave. It was a special moment to see her looking over her son's grave with a big smile, while everyone else that surrounded her was in tears. The knowledge we have concerning the plan of salvation is worth so much. Share it. There are so many people who need the comfort that comes in knowing we will see our loved ones again. 


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