Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 79 Adiós Taulabé

Adiós Taulabé

Got the news just now that this week was my last week here in Taulabé. Not something that I expected in the slightest but the Lord´s plans aren't always our plans. I will be going to another new area to open it, with a mini missionary (member that will act just like a missionary). It will be really interesting and I am excited to have the chance to help the church grow, and more importantly spread the Gospel. Elder Lopez will be coming here to Taulabé which made me really happy. Super kool kid from Arizona that will be perfect for Elder Co. I feel like I have been here in Taulabé for a solid two weeks. Just a testimony of, you never really know when or where the Lord will call you to go.

This week we really tried to help everyone keep their commitments of reading the Book or Mormon. We ran out of "saldo" (honestly no sure how to say that in english. It's like to run out of minutes) which had never before happened in my mission. We got alll of our investigators to read at least the intro to the Book of Mormon. Really made me so happy to see people start to get an idea of what the Book of Mormon is and where it comes from and what it can do for your life. We brought four people to church, which was a multi stake conference for all of Central America, and it was a little boring for them. They had us in this hot little room watching a TV. aka nap time. Half the members were out cold haha. But the good part was that the other elders had a baptism before it started, so they got to see a baptism service. 

Had a kool experience today on the bus talking to this girl that was born in London and then lived in Canada and then Vietnam and then France. She had been helping with women's rights here in Honduras for the last six months. She told me how her mom was currently a nurse living in France but travels to Switzerland every day for work. Her dad lives in Botswana and has lived there for 15 years. Her brother teaches english in Vietnam. Out of no where I had the impression to start talking to her about rock climbing. At first I shut it out of my mind and was like come on Elder Thorn think of something spiritual. I started sharing with her a little bit of my story and how I had fallen in love with rock climbing. She looked at me all confused and was like wait what? I thought you were like a monk. I busted up laughing and the whole bus just stared at us. After that we chatted for a few more minutes and I started to talk to her about the Book of Mormon and where it came from. She told me how religion has never been a part of her life and that no one in her family was religious. As a struggled to explain the Book of Mormon in English I managed to get across my testimony. As I got off the bus I realized how perfectly God knows his children and how he uses us to help each other. 

Forgot my usb cable today but I took some awesome pictures.  


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