Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 30 I'm OUT


What could I possibly write about this week that could convey everything that happened this week.

I have 6 months here in this area and my love for everyone here is making it soo hard to leave. The people here honestly are some of my greatest friends. As I was sitting in church this week watching how much this ward has grown since I have been here was an experience I will never forget. Saying goodbye to all my converts was like I was saying goodbye to my family all over again. People that I have watched gain a love of the savior, people that have given me lunch every day for the past 6 months, families that I have watched not have money to eat because they chose to go to church. The place that I learned spanish. The place that I read the Book of Mormon cover to cover for the first time. The place that I first felt and learned that I truly have a Father in Heaven and I am destined to become like him if I do my part. Invite someone to watch conference in your house this week. It could have an eternal effect on them and their family. 

Write you guys next week from my new area and my new comp.
Family Qinteros

Family Hernandez

Bishops son

Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 29 I Be Runnin

I Be Runnin 

hows it stunnin young bloods 

I want to write about two things this week that are total opposites. 

First off almost all of your guys are going to read this on a phone and so I'm going to talk a little about that. I was rereading the Liahona from November that has all the conference talks. Came across"Choose Wisely" by Elder Cook. Don't think I have ever read a more inspired message. He seriously slams the youth. How often are we on our phones? When was the last time you used your phone to do temple work or missionary work? ever? Have you even used your phone for anything more than to communicate with friends or waste time. I'm going to leave the link to the talk and I want you all to listen to it because I know you're not going to read the whole thing. But one thing that really stuck out to me is when he talks about the need we feel to see or talk about every new thing. He relates it to Act 17:21 and how we can't allow our selves to get caught up in Every new thing. 

Second thing I want to write about is a thing that happened with Fam Sierra this week that was a small miracle. I have had three lessons with them but this last lesson was something special. As we came to the end of the lesson talking about the Plan of Salvation we knelt in prayer to finish. I ask the father to pray and he started off super shaky and nervous. I was feeling similar feelings and wanted to help. I resisted. He began to ask our Father in Heaven if the words we had just taught we true and if he could really be with his family forever. I have never felt the spirit quite like I felt it in that moment. The mission is an extraordinary time. It's a time where our weaknesses become strengths, trials become triumphs, and adversities become adventures. 

Also put my hammock out side this week between the lime tree and the coconut tree happy life! 

Elder Thorn.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 28 Get Your Own Testimony

Get your own testimony. 

Never been more hyped about life then I am right now.

I started and finished this little book this week that was originally a seminar give to a different mission. Its called missionary work with members or something like that. But it is full of the best mission advice. Something I have been doing for almost all mission is just finding things to do to pass the time. All things that are good like visiting members or teaching or contacting. But I haven't been very efficient. Something that I learned form this Book more than anything is that we need to have a testimony of the Book of Mormon. So often we don't realize what we have. I plead that you guys will think about this for just a moment. We believe that a man saw and talked with God and his son even Jesus Christ. I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that he was the instrument in restoring the true church of the Lord. Share the Book of Mormon with someone. Just someone. Also check out can't lol but I hear it's really awesome. 

Love all you guys and I'm sorry that these letters are so messy and hard to read with all my spelling and what not. (No worries I spell check them for him-mom) But if you don't read anything on this read the testimony of the three witnesses in the first few pages of the book of mormon. 

These are some kids in our area and this is my house with this random blue van. (He accidentally sent 2 of his house and no kids picture):

lovvess. Elder Thorn. 

My house

Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 27 Not the First, Not the Last

Not the First, Not the Last

Had a another super wild week here in Germania with all the madness and what not but I want to share a little story that happened this week.

I have been asking all the members and menos activos, just everyone about the missionaries and what their experience with us is. We were passing by one of these families the other day and I had the impression to ask them if they had any photos of missionaries. They mom was like ummm I think we have a christmas card. At first I was like lol what, a christmas card lady, what are you talking about? She brought out a christmas card from an Elder Bourne. He was here in my same area is 2009. It was his first area and he trained here right after. The exact same situation that I am in right now. He baptized this family in 2009 and never forgot about them. He calls them on the phone ONCE A WEEK. Just to talk and try to motivate them to go to church. The mom told me that she as been building up the courage to talk to us when we pass by, but has just been too shy. Elder Bourne has been telling her for the last 3 months, every week to talk to and find the missionaries. I wrote down his email and I'm going to try to get in touch with him. He is now about to finish med school and is getting married. aka living my future life. 

The purpose behind this story is that so often we think we are the only ones. We only see the surface. But if we will dig a little deeper and listen to the spirit Christ will help us see the depth of our purpose here in this life. I'm not the first one to struggle and learn here in Germania. I'm not the first to train a little latino. And I'm not the last. 

If you are a return missionary and are reading this for some odd reason, get in touch with your past investigators. Even if you don't remember them they remember you, and your little relationship can make all the difference.

Con amor Elder Thorn

Èl Senor nos conoce y quiere escucharnos cada dià y cada momento. 
(The Lord knows us and wants to listen to us every day and every moment)
Dinner on the patio. Honduras has the best cantaloupes in the world!
Washing clothes because we had no water
This is Hermana Yaki who gives us lunch every day and isn't a member. We pay her 600 limps for 2 weeks which is 35 dollars and she is like noooo noo every time because she thinks its too much money.

Her house has 4 rooms which is unheard of in this area. Plus her and her sister have a car.

This is a menos activo and they are awesome! We visit them a lot. Familia Matamotos 

Time is going by way to fast. My time here in Germainia is dwindling away and there is just sooo much more to do and people to teach and just don't feel ready to leave here.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 26 Be An Example

Be an Example

Really wild week here in Germania. I have been here for 5 months so I know everyone its freaking awesome. I know everyones family, who works where and what they do and why they don't want to listen to missionaries. lol that last part is what is important. That being said Elder Quispe and I decided to ask EVERYONE if they need some help with their house or service. We ended up finding this lady that was like yes I need service and I need it tomorrow at 7 in the morning. I wish I could convey the way that she said it because it was like it was a command. Anyways ended up us mixing cement and crap for 4 hours but she gave us an awesome lunch. 

Had a super sad a frustrating experience this week. I don't want to share everything that happened but one of my recent converts, family Gutierrez, that I baptized in January has some serious problems and it is making it super hard to teach other families in the area. The wife is cheating on the husband and was cheating on him though out our whole time teaching them. We started hearing little rumors and what not and I was sure it was nothing. Then I ran into her the other day and just asked her how the family was she responded that it was super bad suuuper super bad and then she like legit ran from us. Long story short is that your choices and example have so much of an effect of those around you. I know almost everyone in utah is a mormon so you don't think it matters. But those that aren't members know that you are a mormon. If you are drinking or smoking or even little things like cheating in school those around you see it. Don't forget that you promised to be a representative of Jesus Christ when you were baptized. I cant think of one time before my mission when I really thought about my covenants that I made at baptism. Think a little bit more about what you did when you where 8 years old or whenever you were baptized and what you promised to be and do. 

this is a soccer field thats in my area. and i hope you can see this other picture....


This is two ladies that are washing clothes in the river and then setting out the clothes on the rocks to dry. About half the people in my area wash there stuff like this. Super sad that I haven't been talking pictures so I will be trying to take some this last month I am here.