Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 27 Not the First, Not the Last

Not the First, Not the Last

Had a another super wild week here in Germania with all the madness and what not but I want to share a little story that happened this week.

I have been asking all the members and menos activos, just everyone about the missionaries and what their experience with us is. We were passing by one of these families the other day and I had the impression to ask them if they had any photos of missionaries. They mom was like ummm I think we have a christmas card. At first I was like lol what, a christmas card lady, what are you talking about? She brought out a christmas card from an Elder Bourne. He was here in my same area is 2009. It was his first area and he trained here right after. The exact same situation that I am in right now. He baptized this family in 2009 and never forgot about them. He calls them on the phone ONCE A WEEK. Just to talk and try to motivate them to go to church. The mom told me that she as been building up the courage to talk to us when we pass by, but has just been too shy. Elder Bourne has been telling her for the last 3 months, every week to talk to and find the missionaries. I wrote down his email and I'm going to try to get in touch with him. He is now about to finish med school and is getting married. aka living my future life. 

The purpose behind this story is that so often we think we are the only ones. We only see the surface. But if we will dig a little deeper and listen to the spirit Christ will help us see the depth of our purpose here in this life. I'm not the first one to struggle and learn here in Germania. I'm not the first to train a little latino. And I'm not the last. 

If you are a return missionary and are reading this for some odd reason, get in touch with your past investigators. Even if you don't remember them they remember you, and your little relationship can make all the difference.

Con amor Elder Thorn

Èl Senor nos conoce y quiere escucharnos cada dià y cada momento. 
(The Lord knows us and wants to listen to us every day and every moment)
Dinner on the patio. Honduras has the best cantaloupes in the world!
Washing clothes because we had no water
This is Hermana Yaki who gives us lunch every day and isn't a member. We pay her 600 limps for 2 weeks which is 35 dollars and she is like noooo noo every time because she thinks its too much money.

Her house has 4 rooms which is unheard of in this area. Plus her and her sister have a car.

This is a menos activo and they are awesome! We visit them a lot. Familia Matamotos 

Time is going by way to fast. My time here in Germainia is dwindling away and there is just sooo much more to do and people to teach and just don't feel ready to leave here.

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