Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 26 Be An Example

Be an Example

Really wild week here in Germania. I have been here for 5 months so I know everyone its freaking awesome. I know everyones family, who works where and what they do and why they don't want to listen to missionaries. lol that last part is what is important. That being said Elder Quispe and I decided to ask EVERYONE if they need some help with their house or service. We ended up finding this lady that was like yes I need service and I need it tomorrow at 7 in the morning. I wish I could convey the way that she said it because it was like it was a command. Anyways ended up us mixing cement and crap for 4 hours but she gave us an awesome lunch. 

Had a super sad a frustrating experience this week. I don't want to share everything that happened but one of my recent converts, family Gutierrez, that I baptized in January has some serious problems and it is making it super hard to teach other families in the area. The wife is cheating on the husband and was cheating on him though out our whole time teaching them. We started hearing little rumors and what not and I was sure it was nothing. Then I ran into her the other day and just asked her how the family was she responded that it was super bad suuuper super bad and then she like legit ran from us. Long story short is that your choices and example have so much of an effect of those around you. I know almost everyone in utah is a mormon so you don't think it matters. But those that aren't members know that you are a mormon. If you are drinking or smoking or even little things like cheating in school those around you see it. Don't forget that you promised to be a representative of Jesus Christ when you were baptized. I cant think of one time before my mission when I really thought about my covenants that I made at baptism. Think a little bit more about what you did when you where 8 years old or whenever you were baptized and what you promised to be and do. 

this is a soccer field thats in my area. and i hope you can see this other picture....


This is two ladies that are washing clothes in the river and then setting out the clothes on the rocks to dry. About half the people in my area wash there stuff like this. Super sad that I haven't been talking pictures so I will be trying to take some this last month I am here.

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