Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 29 I Be Runnin

I Be Runnin 

hows it stunnin young bloods 

I want to write about two things this week that are total opposites. 

First off almost all of your guys are going to read this on a phone and so I'm going to talk a little about that. I was rereading the Liahona from November that has all the conference talks. Came across"Choose Wisely" by Elder Cook. Don't think I have ever read a more inspired message. He seriously slams the youth. How often are we on our phones? When was the last time you used your phone to do temple work or missionary work? ever? Have you even used your phone for anything more than to communicate with friends or waste time. I'm going to leave the link to the talk and I want you all to listen to it because I know you're not going to read the whole thing. But one thing that really stuck out to me is when he talks about the need we feel to see or talk about every new thing. He relates it to Act 17:21 and how we can't allow our selves to get caught up in Every new thing. 

Second thing I want to write about is a thing that happened with Fam Sierra this week that was a small miracle. I have had three lessons with them but this last lesson was something special. As we came to the end of the lesson talking about the Plan of Salvation we knelt in prayer to finish. I ask the father to pray and he started off super shaky and nervous. I was feeling similar feelings and wanted to help. I resisted. He began to ask our Father in Heaven if the words we had just taught we true and if he could really be with his family forever. I have never felt the spirit quite like I felt it in that moment. The mission is an extraordinary time. It's a time where our weaknesses become strengths, trials become triumphs, and adversities become adventures. 

Also put my hammock out side this week between the lime tree and the coconut tree happy life! 

Elder Thorn.

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