Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 47 We Be Family Hunt'n

We Be Family Hunt´n 

Was thinking a little in my personal study this morning and realized that I am writing home weekly but I am also writing home weakly ( lol yes I can still do english jokes). But something I realized is that I don't think you guys know a single name or person that we are teaching. That needs to change and is going to change right now.

Elder Lopez and I decided that the only way we are going to be happy here in the mission is if we have a common goal. We set the goal to find 10 new families this week. Every person we talked to we asked if they were married (or living with someone ) if they said no we asked if they knew any family that lived near by. IT WORKED! We taught a total of 25 lessons this week with families. And almost all of them we taught with a member which is gold in the mission. 

Right now we only 5 people progressing, or people that are really looking for an answer from the Lord. Isai: he just got back from studying in the states and haha is a totally weed smoking hippie it's awesome. But he loves to read and always has good questions. His mom Taresa who is a lil whacky but always reads what we leave her. She studies domingo which makes it super hard. German and Carla or familia Hernandez. This family is uhhh I wish I had a foto with them. They are the ones that fasted to help them save their house. They are still waiting on his divorcio but are helping us bring other people to church!! Efrian and Mireya. I am going to come back and live with them I think. They are also waiting for a devorcio but are passing for some hard times right now health wise. They are about to finish the BOM for the second time together. lol ask you parents the last time they read the BOM of mormon together... and they aren't even members.

There is a million other people I will write about. I hope everyone can feel and see a little of what I get to do every single day. My Testimony in English is so weak but I would like to leave here that I know the Savior knows me personally. I have felt it. I know it. He felt what I am now feeling and for that reason he can give me the guidance and strength I need.


This is a convert of 7 months that is helping the whole branch do family history work! named Marlon
This is Ranato who was one of the first jovens baptized here and just came back to live with his family again. HE legit leaves to teach with use every day and challenges everyone to read and get an answer from God 
This dude let us mess around on his tandem bike the other day. 

This is the soccer crew
he best part is this lil old lady was like umm no you cant teach us but here is this and well ya
The bad thing is I cant remember the name of this thing. but you eat just he white part and it tastes like.. umm well its sweet and almost tastes good

Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 46 Week of Silence

Week of Silence

Well I got to measure my height this week and....... I am 6 feet now lol and I still fit in my 31 inch pants.

My comp didn't talk to me for 4 days this week. Starting last monday morning. One of the sisters wanted to go to the office in Teguc for some health issues and well my comp wanted to tag along. I told him no and that we couldn't go unless there was a real reason ( teguc is like 4 hours or so in bus from here) The next morning he pulled out the lil dvd player we have (it's from the mission to watch training videos) and he starts watching the movie RM. I honestly starting laughing and was like nahh bro no va a hacer eso yyyyy he got a lil mad. Next thing I know he didn't want to talk to me. I felt sooo bad. I seriously love this kid. I asked him to forgive me and nothing not a word. 

I planned by my self and was just feeling completely solo. I asked him soooo many times why he didn't want to talk to me or what I did wrong and what I could do now to try to fix things. Still not a word. I asked my Heavenly Father to please let me have the spirit so that I could say something to help fix what was happening. I had a strong prompting that it had nothing to do with the dvd but had a lot more to do with not going to Teguc. 

Next thing I knew it was Wednesday and he still hadn't said a word to me. I told him I didn't want to leave the house if he wasn't going to talk to me, makes no sense to teach if we aren't going to have the spirit. He just took the keys and left. I followed and a clear miracle happened. The strongest rain I have ever seen started to pour. We had no choice but to sit down in this little pulparia. After about 20 minutes he handed me the phone. A message he had sent to pres that said a lot of things but said that he wanted to go home. My heart dropped.  

You have no idea how much I love the mission and to hear people say that want to go home is like hearing someone say they are going to drop out of high school. I tried to talk to him and still nothing. That night we had an awesome lesson planned. A family home evening with like 20 people. To keep it short my comp decided he was going to be brother Lopez and not wear his plac and not talk to anyone. A sister that was there got sick and uhh this is such a long story....this woman in the branch got sick and needed a blessing. My comp quickly put on his plac and gave her a blessing. I was soooo frustrated. I was like no no you can't do that. You can't neglect all your mission duties and not talk to anyone and not be a missionary and then just like that give a blessing. 
I told him that, before we went to bed that night, still not a word to be said.  

Thursday morning, after personal study, I had had enough and was like hombre vamos hablar o no vamos hacer nada sabes que le amo y quiero decir disculparme por que hice pero ya paso y no puedo cambiarlo. 
We talked for a long time and worked a lot of things out.  lol I'm tired of writing in English. In the end we had interviews Friday with Presidente (all of the zone) and he told me I shouldn't feel guilty for anything. He asked me if I could help my comp finish his mission strong and I said I could. I'm pretty sure I am going to stay here this change. I wrote a lot here, but I hope anyone who reads this knows that I love Elder Lopez. I think he is honestly one of the best missionaries that the mission has right now. He has taught me more than any other missionary.

My camera is still allllll messed up and well ya one day I will work it out. . 


P.S. Also the church flooded this week lol we legit showed up to church and swept all the water out. Then Presidente Dias asked me to give a talk, anddd teach the Bible class because sister Suazo wasn't going to be there. It went awesome. I am really learning how to use and recognize the spirit here in the mission. It's the most precious thing to me, and I hope it will be something that I can carry with me for the rest of my life.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 45 Ideas of Success

Ideas of Success

Yep I did have to ask Hermana Logan how to spell success.

I hope and pray that the spirit will be with me for this short time I have to write. I had a week that I never want to forget and I want to share a little bit of it with you.

As missionaries we pray together EVERY single night. Something that has come to be a special moment for me. Elder Lopez had some personal things to deal with this week and the night before he was going to talk to pres we both were really out of it. I asked him to say the prayer but he was like ya no I am tired it doesn't matter. If I am honest I thought the same. I thought for 2 straight months I have been pleading with my Heavenly Father and I doubted he had even given me 2 seconds of his time. Just now as I wrote this I had the same feeling I had in that moment. That my Heavenly Father was offended and that he wanted to talk with me. I went out side on our little patio and said a short prayer. To keep this short I read Elder Lopez a scripture and told him that we needed to pray. I rolled out of bed and we knelt together. He said a prayer that was almost identical to what I had been asking my Heavenly Father these last few months. That if he really was there all I wanted was to feel that he loved me and all that I was doing was worth it. We both were balling by the time he finished, and I still was crying as I laid in my bed. 

I know my Father in Heaven lives and that he sent his son Jesus Christ to atone for my life. To give his perfect life for my imperfect one so that one day I could come to be like Him and have the joy that he constantly has. This is the first week of my life that I have truly known that He lives and I pray that you all will come to know it too.

Met the new Presidente and he is a G. going to change the mission like hurricane Katrina changed New Orleans (bad joke) 

Grant with his arm around his new mission President

Monday, July 6, 2015

Week 44 Rules=Freedom


Marcala keeps me on my feet every day. Going to keep this super short but I do have a lil story.

I have been a nearly perfect obedient missionary these last ten months i have here in the mission. But this week I broke the rules for just 2 minutes and it ruined my whole week. I just couldn't handle it anymore and was so curious to know what was really going on at home. I spent just 2 minutes on instagram and it ruined my week. I feel like I can write what ever I want here on this blog so I am going to be honest. I have been struggling really hard these last two weeks with my own testimony. I was so caught up on the idea that I am a good missionary, I keep the rules, I contact, I testify, and I search for the spirit to find investigators' real needs. Why haven't I had more than 20 baptisms in my mission? I learned this week one of the most important lessons I think I will learn in my life... and in the end my testimony grew miles. The commandments are what make us happy. Anything else, any other way is a way of sadness and sorrow. The plan God has prepared is the only way we can be happy. when we justify that a commandment doesn't apply to us or that it is above our power to abide by, we are falling into a stumbling block that can only lead to regret and sorrow. 

Almost lost all of my fotos this week too due to a virus on this computer and I am still trying to repair my usb and sd card.

Favorite little boy in Marcala wearing my tag.
On his knees teaching the people of Honduras
I play soccer almost every morning