Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 47 We Be Family Hunt'n

We Be Family Hunt´n 

Was thinking a little in my personal study this morning and realized that I am writing home weekly but I am also writing home weakly ( lol yes I can still do english jokes). But something I realized is that I don't think you guys know a single name or person that we are teaching. That needs to change and is going to change right now.

Elder Lopez and I decided that the only way we are going to be happy here in the mission is if we have a common goal. We set the goal to find 10 new families this week. Every person we talked to we asked if they were married (or living with someone ) if they said no we asked if they knew any family that lived near by. IT WORKED! We taught a total of 25 lessons this week with families. And almost all of them we taught with a member which is gold in the mission. 

Right now we only 5 people progressing, or people that are really looking for an answer from the Lord. Isai: he just got back from studying in the states and haha is a totally weed smoking hippie it's awesome. But he loves to read and always has good questions. His mom Taresa who is a lil whacky but always reads what we leave her. She studies domingo which makes it super hard. German and Carla or familia Hernandez. This family is uhhh I wish I had a foto with them. They are the ones that fasted to help them save their house. They are still waiting on his divorcio but are helping us bring other people to church!! Efrian and Mireya. I am going to come back and live with them I think. They are also waiting for a devorcio but are passing for some hard times right now health wise. They are about to finish the BOM for the second time together. lol ask you parents the last time they read the BOM of mormon together... and they aren't even members.

There is a million other people I will write about. I hope everyone can feel and see a little of what I get to do every single day. My Testimony in English is so weak but I would like to leave here that I know the Savior knows me personally. I have felt it. I know it. He felt what I am now feeling and for that reason he can give me the guidance and strength I need.


This is a convert of 7 months that is helping the whole branch do family history work! named Marlon
This is Ranato who was one of the first jovens baptized here and just came back to live with his family again. HE legit leaves to teach with use every day and challenges everyone to read and get an answer from God 
This dude let us mess around on his tandem bike the other day. 

This is the soccer crew
he best part is this lil old lady was like umm no you cant teach us but here is this and well ya
The bad thing is I cant remember the name of this thing. but you eat just he white part and it tastes like.. umm well its sweet and almost tastes good

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