Monday, July 6, 2015

Week 44 Rules=Freedom


Marcala keeps me on my feet every day. Going to keep this super short but I do have a lil story.

I have been a nearly perfect obedient missionary these last ten months i have here in the mission. But this week I broke the rules for just 2 minutes and it ruined my whole week. I just couldn't handle it anymore and was so curious to know what was really going on at home. I spent just 2 minutes on instagram and it ruined my week. I feel like I can write what ever I want here on this blog so I am going to be honest. I have been struggling really hard these last two weeks with my own testimony. I was so caught up on the idea that I am a good missionary, I keep the rules, I contact, I testify, and I search for the spirit to find investigators' real needs. Why haven't I had more than 20 baptisms in my mission? I learned this week one of the most important lessons I think I will learn in my life... and in the end my testimony grew miles. The commandments are what make us happy. Anything else, any other way is a way of sadness and sorrow. The plan God has prepared is the only way we can be happy. when we justify that a commandment doesn't apply to us or that it is above our power to abide by, we are falling into a stumbling block that can only lead to regret and sorrow. 

Almost lost all of my fotos this week too due to a virus on this computer and I am still trying to repair my usb and sd card.

Favorite little boy in Marcala wearing my tag.
On his knees teaching the people of Honduras
I play soccer almost every morning

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