Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 56 Pancake Flop

Pancake Flop

The city is really starting to grow on me. 

Had a really special moment this week that might just be the only thing I share.

A few weeks ago Elder Rosales and I where looking though some old records in the area book. We prayed to know who was ready to receive the Gospel now. We searched though about 100 records at took out about 5 that seemed mas o menos bueno. We set the goal to at least find these 5 people. Haha it didn't go as planned. Out of the 5 we only could get a hold of 1, and it wasn't even the investigator it was their friend that for some weird reason had their number. When we finally found their house (that wasn't even their house, more of a parking garage that they work in) they didn't really want to listen to us. That was that and Elder Rosales and I let them go after trying to teach them 3 times. Elder Meads and I passed by their house this last week and they pulled out a few chairs and listened to our message. We testified about the Book of Mormon and the restoration. I asked my companion what he thought of them and we both agreed that we felt the spirit and should try to go back another day. We set the goal this week to at least pass by the parking garage every other day. We passed by and verified how reading went. Nothing. They didn't read a single day. This Saturday we sat down to teach them again and I was feeling a little tired of not seeing people understand how special this all is. We continued talking about Joseph Smith and a few questions he had (he knows a lot of anti mormon stuff). Then the spirit brought to light the most clear message I think I have received in my mission. That this was indeed the last time the Lord would be sending missionaries to their home. I began to explain the story from the beginning. That I had prayed and asked the Lord WHO was ready to receive the Gospel, and that the Lord had selected THEM out of more than 100 records. I testified to them that this would be the last time they would have the chance to accept the message of the restoration and be baptized, before the Lord Jesus Christ himself would come to redeem his people. The spirit guided my words and touched their hearts to the truthfulness of what I was saying. They accepted a baptism date for October and came to church this Sunday. The spirit is everything in this work. With out it we are simple speaking; and speaking will never be enough to truly convert someone into being a dedicated follower of Christ.

Had a paint fight with the zone today. 
Elder Meads and I kickin it 

Monday, September 21, 2015



Well I got the computer from 1908 today and I can't even really see
what I am writing but I don't have that much to write today :)

I received ELDER MEADS who started the mission the same time as I did!
He has been in the office of the mission for the last 5 months or so
doing all of the financials, which is awesome because he knows a lot
about the tech side of the mission. Like wedding and dumb laws here in
Honduras haha. It's super weird to be with a white kid again. Like
I can't even tell you how weird it is when he starts talking to me in
full blown english.

The zone got a ton of new people and another sister in training haha.
Ya we have the youngest zone in the mission by far! But they are
working super hard and I think that October is going to be steller. OH and
Elder Corey (who is also from my MTC group) all jokes aside my MTC
group is like the heart of the mission. Every one of us is a leader or
training. Never has happened in the history of the mission. hasta yo
se haha. Elder Corey is a district leader here in the zone now
which is awesome. He is with Elder Quispe who I trained back in

This week has been really different and I don't want to write a lot
here but I do want to say a little something about getting ready for
the mission. I have had a ton of people write me when they get their
calls! It's sooo awesome, and they all ask me for advice about what they
should bring or what could help them get more ready for the mission.
Bring a tesimony. Get worthy.


Monday, September 14, 2015



Man I hope everyone knows that Elder Rosales is the most steller missionary in Central America. This week was our last week together and I am pretty sure he is going to finish his mission training. Which is a miracle if it happens. The world needs more missionaries like Elder Rosales

We worked the hardest this last week out of all the changes and it paid off. We found a bunch of people who met with the missionaries a long time ago and went to church, but for lack of communication they never progressed or continued in the church. Lol one of the moms is named Milagro (miracle) haha I laughed. We brought only three people to church this week but with all the crazy things that happened Sunday it was good we didn't have a lot of people to look after (investigators in church are like taking care of newborns). The ward had planned to have the stake the next week...but the stake had planned it yesterday. They all showed up and everyone was just like uhhhhh why are you here? The bishop was moving some stuff for his house (he is leaving to live in the states in like 3 months) and didn't even show up. Needless to say the Stake President wasn't happy.

Things are pretty whack here in the zone right now. I think two more of the missionaries in the zone are going to train here. So basically I am going to be a grandpa watching after all of them. hahaa it's awesome. I hope my new comp is as motivated, hard working, and just happy as this change has been.

I forgot my camera today.... we took apart a roof and built a cement wall for this lady whos' house legit fell apart.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 53 Meet the Mormons

This week was full of all kinds of madness. We planned this awesome ward activity to watch "Meet the Mormons". We got someone to lend us a projector and a laptop, donate drinks and popcorn, and printed invitations. The ward here is super awesome and really loves the missionaries. But the day of or say Saturday morning EVERYTHING went wrong. The lady with the projector was like uhhhh I let someone else borrow it. No biggie we called the Stake President and he was super busy and couldn't help us. The other Elders lost all of their invitations. We ended up running all over the place looking for a projector. Then they told us we could just use the one in the sacrament room, then an hour later, said no. Then we couldn't find a microwave to do the popcorn. THEN the Stake President called us to tell us the stake youth had an activity at 5 (the same hour we had planned). In the end everything went super well and we brought like 40 people to watch the movie. Super funny by the way if you haven't seen it, do it.

As far as the work is going it's a little rough. The biggest problem is helping people realize that not all churches are true. Here they say things like, well it's all the same God and so its not that important. It's just sooo deep in the culture. But we continue to find people that truly want to find an answer from God. We are teaching this mom named Vanessa who has 4 kids and her husband is a member (but super inactive, he punched a missionary like 15 years ago or something) but her daughter Natali is reading the Book of Mormon at school.... like I hope you guys realize how crazy kool that is. All of our recent converts are coming to church. We leave every Sunday with lil Jose David who is 15 and was baptized two months ago. Funniest lil kid.

Elder Rosales is probably leaving this week... might cry. All jokes aside I freaking love this kid and I feel like I can be myself with him. President put a new rule in that no one can finish their mission with an assignment. Can't be a leader, can't be an assistant, can't be in the office, can't be training. A bunch of missionaries are a lil whinny about it but whatever.

Oh haha I got to go the mall today and the office for the first time in like 9 months. Felt so weird to be in a mall and uhhh like people have this I'm better than you face. Doesn't fly with me.



Celebrated my one year mark.

In the mall at the food court.