Monday, September 21, 2015



Well I got the computer from 1908 today and I can't even really see
what I am writing but I don't have that much to write today :)

I received ELDER MEADS who started the mission the same time as I did!
He has been in the office of the mission for the last 5 months or so
doing all of the financials, which is awesome because he knows a lot
about the tech side of the mission. Like wedding and dumb laws here in
Honduras haha. It's super weird to be with a white kid again. Like
I can't even tell you how weird it is when he starts talking to me in
full blown english.

The zone got a ton of new people and another sister in training haha.
Ya we have the youngest zone in the mission by far! But they are
working super hard and I think that October is going to be steller. OH and
Elder Corey (who is also from my MTC group) all jokes aside my MTC
group is like the heart of the mission. Every one of us is a leader or
training. Never has happened in the history of the mission. hasta yo
se haha. Elder Corey is a district leader here in the zone now
which is awesome. He is with Elder Quispe who I trained back in

This week has been really different and I don't want to write a lot
here but I do want to say a little something about getting ready for
the mission. I have had a ton of people write me when they get their
calls! It's sooo awesome, and they all ask me for advice about what they
should bring or what could help them get more ready for the mission.
Bring a tesimony. Get worthy.


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