Monday, September 14, 2015



Man I hope everyone knows that Elder Rosales is the most steller missionary in Central America. This week was our last week together and I am pretty sure he is going to finish his mission training. Which is a miracle if it happens. The world needs more missionaries like Elder Rosales

We worked the hardest this last week out of all the changes and it paid off. We found a bunch of people who met with the missionaries a long time ago and went to church, but for lack of communication they never progressed or continued in the church. Lol one of the moms is named Milagro (miracle) haha I laughed. We brought only three people to church this week but with all the crazy things that happened Sunday it was good we didn't have a lot of people to look after (investigators in church are like taking care of newborns). The ward had planned to have the stake the next week...but the stake had planned it yesterday. They all showed up and everyone was just like uhhhhh why are you here? The bishop was moving some stuff for his house (he is leaving to live in the states in like 3 months) and didn't even show up. Needless to say the Stake President wasn't happy.

Things are pretty whack here in the zone right now. I think two more of the missionaries in the zone are going to train here. So basically I am going to be a grandpa watching after all of them. hahaa it's awesome. I hope my new comp is as motivated, hard working, and just happy as this change has been.

I forgot my camera today.... we took apart a roof and built a cement wall for this lady whos' house legit fell apart.

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