Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 53 Meet the Mormons

This week was full of all kinds of madness. We planned this awesome ward activity to watch "Meet the Mormons". We got someone to lend us a projector and a laptop, donate drinks and popcorn, and printed invitations. The ward here is super awesome and really loves the missionaries. But the day of or say Saturday morning EVERYTHING went wrong. The lady with the projector was like uhhhh I let someone else borrow it. No biggie we called the Stake President and he was super busy and couldn't help us. The other Elders lost all of their invitations. We ended up running all over the place looking for a projector. Then they told us we could just use the one in the sacrament room, then an hour later, said no. Then we couldn't find a microwave to do the popcorn. THEN the Stake President called us to tell us the stake youth had an activity at 5 (the same hour we had planned). In the end everything went super well and we brought like 40 people to watch the movie. Super funny by the way if you haven't seen it, do it.

As far as the work is going it's a little rough. The biggest problem is helping people realize that not all churches are true. Here they say things like, well it's all the same God and so its not that important. It's just sooo deep in the culture. But we continue to find people that truly want to find an answer from God. We are teaching this mom named Vanessa who has 4 kids and her husband is a member (but super inactive, he punched a missionary like 15 years ago or something) but her daughter Natali is reading the Book of Mormon at school.... like I hope you guys realize how crazy kool that is. All of our recent converts are coming to church. We leave every Sunday with lil Jose David who is 15 and was baptized two months ago. Funniest lil kid.

Elder Rosales is probably leaving this week... might cry. All jokes aside I freaking love this kid and I feel like I can be myself with him. President put a new rule in that no one can finish their mission with an assignment. Can't be a leader, can't be an assistant, can't be in the office, can't be training. A bunch of missionaries are a lil whinny about it but whatever.

Oh haha I got to go the mall today and the office for the first time in like 9 months. Felt so weird to be in a mall and uhhh like people have this I'm better than you face. Doesn't fly with me.



Celebrated my one year mark.

In the mall at the food court.

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