Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 45 Ideas of Success

Ideas of Success

Yep I did have to ask Hermana Logan how to spell success.

I hope and pray that the spirit will be with me for this short time I have to write. I had a week that I never want to forget and I want to share a little bit of it with you.

As missionaries we pray together EVERY single night. Something that has come to be a special moment for me. Elder Lopez had some personal things to deal with this week and the night before he was going to talk to pres we both were really out of it. I asked him to say the prayer but he was like ya no I am tired it doesn't matter. If I am honest I thought the same. I thought for 2 straight months I have been pleading with my Heavenly Father and I doubted he had even given me 2 seconds of his time. Just now as I wrote this I had the same feeling I had in that moment. That my Heavenly Father was offended and that he wanted to talk with me. I went out side on our little patio and said a short prayer. To keep this short I read Elder Lopez a scripture and told him that we needed to pray. I rolled out of bed and we knelt together. He said a prayer that was almost identical to what I had been asking my Heavenly Father these last few months. That if he really was there all I wanted was to feel that he loved me and all that I was doing was worth it. We both were balling by the time he finished, and I still was crying as I laid in my bed. 

I know my Father in Heaven lives and that he sent his son Jesus Christ to atone for my life. To give his perfect life for my imperfect one so that one day I could come to be like Him and have the joy that he constantly has. This is the first week of my life that I have truly known that He lives and I pray that you all will come to know it too.

Met the new Presidente and he is a G. going to change the mission like hurricane Katrina changed New Orleans (bad joke) 

Grant with his arm around his new mission President

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