Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 48 Last Week in Marcala

Last Week in Marcala

The power has gone out twice in my time writing today so I figure I better write this fast.

Well got the call about an hour ago that both the sisters and I have changes! Super strange. First we all stay and now we are all leaving expect my comp (because it's his last change in the mission). I have so much to write and even if could write all day I wouldn't get the slightest into words. I pray I will never forget the things I learned here in Marcala. 

We celebrated the birthday of Fredy this last Monday and Jaja one of the funniest days of my life. We tricked him into coming to the house of Efrain and then smashed some eggs on his head (it's a thing they do here) and then ate some fake chinese food and played Life. As I was sitting there thinking about the lack of success I have had here in Marcala number wise the spirit testified to me that my Father in Heaven was indeed proud of what I had done. Fredy also bore his testimony Sunday. He was almost crying, it's something to watch a grown man cry. He bore his testimony about the Book of Mormon and how he has had literally alllll his friends and family criticize him for joining the church. But he bore the strongest testimony that he knows his example will lead his family into the church as well. He then thanked Elder Lopez, Pres Diaz, and I (a few others as well) for being his friends and helping find a new level of happiness. I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up being a bishop or something one day, lol just needs to get that next step and get married.

I set the goal this week to try and be 100% obedient, and it honestly hurts. or at least that's what they say in Spanish. There are just a few little rules that are really hard to keep. I am not perfect but I feel good when I say this week was the most obedient week of my mission. It helped Elder Lopez and I immensely. He still fought a little this week and well all I will say it's hard to break old habits at the end of your mission.

I wish to write about allll the people that have shown me love here. Because there are people here that have shown me love like my own family. Given me food, called me to ask me how the day went, brought us food to the house, youth calling us to go teach their friends or just be with us (including today when we went to a waterfall). I hope my Heavenly Father will bless me with the means to come back here one day but for now I am so excited to see where and what I will do in this next area.

Elder Thorn

This is Renato and Ever, both will be in the mission field this next year. They were inactive when I got here and now they leave with us almost every day. I love them. 

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