Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 49 Santa Fe---Zona Country

Santa Fe---Zona Country

Well I am sitting here writing with like 20 other missionaries and I am about 10 minutes from the biggest market here in Honduras. No joke I am now in the opposite of Marcala. My new comp is Elder Rosales! I knew him a lil back in my training. He has been a Zone Leader for over a year and is going to turn me into a new missionary. HE is the First Comp I have had that really loves the mission and the missionaries. I only have had a week with him and I feel like I learned more in one week than my whole first 6 months in the mission. He's from Guatemala City.

We have a fecha for every single week until mid sept! Which is nuts and the Zone had almost 100 new lessons this week. I feel like the Lord really pushed me to the end and taught me the importance of WHY we do things and WHY we are here as missionaries. And now he is pouring out all the blessings from these last few months of hard work. The zone is super new. Or sea I am the second oldest here in the mission....makes me feel whack. Three of the comps are in training which makes me so hyped to see that pure faith of new missionaries. 
Went to a real Ward yesterday. Was soo weird. Every class had a teacher. We just showed up with our investigators and everyone was like hey what's your name, come eat dinner at our house, and our investigators are just like uhhhhhh mormons are different. This week was whack, but I would be lying if I didn't say I don't miss Marcala a little. It's weird in the start of my mission I would have dreams about the fam or friends and now I dream about my friends here in Honduras.


I am on a computer from the 1920s so I honestly have no idea what these fotos are going to be but haha here they are. 


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