Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 25 Taught Some Gringos

Taught Some Gringos 

Elder Quispe popped my soccer ball this week...ya thats all. I thought about calling Papi Fortuna (nickname for the mission pres.) and asking for emergency transfers but I kept my kool. Ya for real though he popped my soccer ball which sucks. Then the next day he fell out of my hammock which was probably one the funniest things that has ever happened. He legit cried for like 20 minutes and for those of you that know me well I don't have a whole lot of sympathy lol. 

We are working with 5 different families right now and it is insane. The way the mission works ( or at least here) is that in the afternoon you are just walking around and talking to ladies that are making tortillas and what not. Or kids that are super poor and aren't in school. Then after like 5 everyone is in their house and you are running from house to house and bus to bus to try and talk to everyone you need to talk with. 

We are going to baptize this family that has been meeting with missionaries for 15 years! Not sure what changed or why they started coming to church. We had a lesson with them last night and the husband told me he will do anything to enter the temple with his wife. I had no words after he said this. Caught me so off guard. So grateful for every day here in Honduras and the people I get to teach.

Other family we found lives in the middle of no where and we woke up at 5 and walked there to take them to church. Realized more in that morning about life and what is important then I think I have in any other single day in my life. 

Going to start taking some more pictures. Found a monkey that lives in our area. This picture is where I wait for the bus everyday and my house is off the the right but you cant see it. 

Oh lol and the title. Ya these baptist kids where here this week building a house and I taught them about the Book of Mormon in english (: it was like 25 kids that all were around my age and I was soooo dang nervous and my english was sooo shaky i couldn't remember like any of the english words for gospel stuff at all.

Elder Thorn

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