Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 23 Interchanges with Elder Holt

Interchanges with Elder Holt

Got to teach with the best missionary in the mission this week. Elder Holt is one of my zone leaders right now and he is about to finish his mission. He was the assistant to the president for 5 months and the mission had its all time highest numbers when he was there. That all being said he is a perfect example of the missionary that knows how to not only work hard but effective as well. Zone leaders only have interchanges with district leaders to help them learn more about how to be a good leader and how to motivate the district. I jokingly asked him the other week to have interchanges so I could  learn more about how he teaches and how to be a good missionary. Then to my surprise he called me Tuesday and was like hey bro want to have interchanges tomorrow. Kind of rambling right now but more than anything the talk I had with him that night had a huge impact on me. He had to return to his house when he only had 4 months in the mission and he was in his house for 7 more months. He shared his testimony with me about the change the mission has had on him and the power of the atonement. He gave me a lot more advice about what to do and what not to do in the mission. 

This is a photo of him because I don't think I have any others. Super short time to write today because we are going to go play soccer with the other zone (:

Also got a package from my friend Jenna this week and opened it with Elder Quispe and was just super funny to try and explain all the things that we have in the sates.

Elder Thorn.

Elder Quispe

Elder Holt

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