Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 24 Two Families One Change

Two Families One Change

If you don't read this please just look at this picture of a dog in a diaper.

Typing this in orange because this week was fresh (like an orange) lol. Finished my first change with Elder Quispe this week. A change here in the mission is 6 weeks so I have 6 more with Elder Quispe and then I will be leaving Germania. Really love it here and it has really started to become a second home to me. Elder Quispe and I had a ton of fun this week. We took all these random jumping photos one night. He is really starting to come out of his shell. Annddd he is a lil cocky. lol he thinks he knows everything. Well kind of. The other day he was trying to tell me that I shouldn't use the microwave more than two times in one week or I'm going to have colon cancer. I legit started laughing and ya wasn't a joke.... he got kinda pissed. I hope I have latino comps for my whole mish. No joke, they really are so funny and so different and teach so much about the real world.

We had the baptism of Jose Hernandez this week. But the Jose Hernandes that lives in Germania next to the water tank, km 9 last house on the bottom. LoL at least that is what I put on the baptism record. His wife was baptized 2 years ago along with 3 of their kids. I had the opportunity of baptizing him. I have baptized all of my converts and I'm not really sure why. But I had a special experience during the baptism that I want to share real fast. As I was sitting in my chair singing spanish hymns I looked at my feet that have close to 30 misquote bites right now (long story short we left the door open to our house the other night) and I realized how real a baptism really is. We all have agency and we all have the opportunity to choose in this life. I truly believe no matter where you are, who you are, or what you circumstances are you still have agency. We can achieve more and essentially become more by exercising our agency through the ordinances God has given us. 

Love all you guys and I hope everyone is loving life. 

This dude is massive his name is troches. he lived in new york for 15 years and is suuuper rich the other day he pulled out 2000 dollars in limps and was like ya brah. Painted his house the other day which was sweet. 

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