Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 22 Elder Alonso of the 70

Elder Alonso of the 70
Started singing Spanish songs in the shower this week and Elder Quipse thinks its pretty chill. Hope that is a little indicator to how the comp is. No the real Elder Quispe is progressing unreal fast. The way he teaches is months better than I was teaching in my first month. So weird to think I already have a month with Elder Quispe and am going on five months in the mission. That being said I am really getting in the groove of things. Something I am super proud of, and was one of my goals before the mission, is that I have woke up at 6:30 (or earlier on weird days) for every single day in the mission. And I haven’t taken a nap a single day. For those of you that were around me before the mission, know this is legit the complete opposite of what I did before the mission. Little things like that, small acts of obedience, are what help us become more like Christ. 
Elder Alonso came and spoke to the whole mission this week. They split it in half, so he spoke to half the mission one day and the other half a different day.  In reality the meeting was sooooo long. He spoke in the morning then we had lunch and then he spoke again. The first meeting was horrible. The questions that we missionaries were asking were just stupid and obvious. The second however has helped me in both my studies and my personal prayers. For most of my life when I pray I do what most of us do; I say I am grateful for this or for that and then ask for things I need help with. Elder Alonso spoke of the way he prays. He tells our Heavenly Father what he is going to do in the day, what his plan is. Then asks for help with that plan and to have the Spirit with him when he speaks. Then at night he tells our Heavenly Father how the plan went. HOW DIFFERENT: how interesting this is to me. I have been applying this, this week and it has changed my view on the day. It helps us realize that goals and plans are the way of the Lord. 
Last thing this week and I am sad I forgot to bring my study journal. It’s in 3 Nephi chapter 17 or so when Christ prays with the Nephites. I imagine all of my family and everyone I know all kneeling with Christ in the center as He pray for us. Then after he blesses all the kids "one by one" He weeps. This is the part that really got me. He weeps. This isn’t used very often in English and the word doesn’t exist in Spanish (only to cry). Reading this I can know that my Savior Jesus Christ knows me personally and " weeps" with me when things are hard. 

Elder Thorn

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