Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 21 Area Split & Elder Quispe

Area Spilt and More About Elder Quispe

Super weird and difficult week this week. They gave a part of our area that's called Santa Rosa to the other Elders because they weren't having any success. It really rubbed me the wrong way and thus made for a hard week. Almost all of our new investigators were in Santa Rosa. So all of our last weeks work kind of went to waste. Well it went to the other Elders. Elder Quispe and I were forced to work super close to our house which is a pretty small area and its had missionaries since like 1990 or something nuts. We spent almost all week contacting and trying to find new people again. 

Elder Quispe is a dancer lol its freaking awesome. Ya so he was like on a dance team and traveled all over the place Brazil, Argentina and ya all over South America. He knows all these weird dances and its soo dang funny I make him show me them in the morning and just try not to laugh. He gets suuuuper suuper homesick sometimes and I'm just like homes stop reading your letter from your girlfriend and he doesn't like that too much. I really love training though. The way he teaches or rather his ability to teach clearly and powerfully is really coming a long. We read the book of Mormon in english every morning which is awesome. Going to put some photos of us in here. He doesn't have a blanket because ya he is just new. So he freezes at night so the other night he like got all wrapped up in his towel and gloves. I don't have a blanket or I would give it to him. I get so dang hot at night with just my sheet. 

Please  take a moment and laugh at Elder Quispe's face in this photo. Oh painted the other Elders house this week too. Legit painted their house and then they were like oh and p.s. we are taking half your area..

Elder Thorn

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