Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 20 Temple and 30 Nuevos

Temple and 30 nuevos

Went through the temple for my first time here in the mission, and only my second time in my life. Can't believe I didn't utilize the temple when I was at home. I think living in Utah we see temples so much and we forget how important they really are. We went through he temple with he whole zone, close to 40 kids all serving the Lord in a foreign country. As I sat in the temple looking at all the young men and young women around me every thing was so clear. When we are in temple it's so easy to see that this, the Scriptures, praying, church, prophets, all that is so real and its not just for this life. When we aren't regularly attending the temple it's so hard to have a true grasp on what eternity means. But when we are in the Lord´s House it becomes as clear as it possibly can in this life. 

All this being said I was extremely motivated after the temple. I felt that it truly didn't matter in the slightest what I said or what i did as long as i was trying my hardest to peach this gospel. A direct result of this was that we found a ridiculous amount of new people and new families. Our zone set the record of new investigators for the mission at 245 new people in one week. Elder Quispe and I had 30 new people with 7 new families. That's 30 people that have never had the chance to hear the gospel like you all have. I wanted to write a little about why we don't share the gospel with those around us, and there are a lot of reasons. We are scared, we don't have time and this can go on and on. But really all of these reasons "become as stubble" when we are doing the things we need to be doing. Im referring to daily prayer, daily studying of our scriptures, having our family home evening, and regularly attending the temple. When we are doing all these things we feel the need of sharing this beautiful gospel

"Regarding ones testimony, remember, that which one willingly shares he keeps. while that which he selfishly keeps he loses.. Teach and testify. There is no better combination"
- Thomas S. Monson 
Elder Quispe

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