Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 80 Flores

If you guys at home only could comprehend the struggle of computers in Honduras you would start to understand what it means to be frustrated.

I have a solid six dias here in Flores and it's been hands down the hottest days of my life. Just give a lil look at the weather here and I swear it doesn't go below 90 during the day. Long story short I no longer use a backpack. The members here have received us really well and have shown us the whole area. It's super little town on the side of the highway. Like think of when you are driving to California and you are in the hottest place on earth and then out of no where there is this town and you think to yourself whatttt why would anyone want to live here. That is Flores, Comayaguela. But the best part is that there is a killer lil branch that only has a couple years and has some of the strongest members I have ever know. My comp is Elder Andino from Las Tores en Tegucigalpa. Super stellar kid. He is waiting for his call and probablamente will get it in these coming weeks.
Had a really special moment my first day here. I was feeling really confused as to why pres. didn't let me stay in Taulabè and why he would put me in this lil town with a mini missionary. Got a little home sick for the first time in a loooong time. I thought to my self, everyone is just enjoying life and doing all this kool stuff and I am in this dusty hot lil town. As we started carrying all the stuff into our new apartment I became frustrated that someone had burned all this paper and garbage right at the door of our house. As I looked down again I noticed the small burned paper was in English. I picked it up and my body just filled with chills. 
Heavenly Father truly knows us on a personal level and I know he has something very important for me to do here in Flores. 


Hermana Janet that gave me food everyday for three months 
Freddy and Eduardo. Honestly some of my best friends here in the mission.
The Avilas
Hermana Karla with her daughters

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