Monday, February 8, 2016

Week 75 Six Elders...Three Mattresses

Six Elders...Three Mattresses

Spent almost the whole week in Siguatepeque for a number of reasons. First off we had interviews with Pres, stellar as always. It's amazing the energy the guy has with all he does. A true example of someone who loves the work. Then Thursday we went to the Temple. They had us help with confirmations which was really neat. Was awesome to see all the youth that had sacrificed so much to come and take part in the work. They also loved me because there was a big batch of names in english and no one else could pronounce them. That same night we got back suuuper late and ended up having the sleep in the zone leaders house again. But this time with six of us. Didn't sleep at all. Friday I stayed in sigua so Elder Small could go to Taulabé and do the interview of Freddy. In the end we are going to do the baptism in a few weeks.


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