Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 77 Does The Lord Know You Love Him

Does the Lord Know You Love Him 

Totally got sunburned today and stuggling to keep my lil eyes open. Not sure if I ever wrote about this but the weather here in Taulabé was colder than it had been in the last ten years. When we first got here it was sooo hot I couldn't ever focus when we got back to the house to plan. Then out of no where it was rainy and I was sleeping with a hoodie on. The Lord anwsers prayers FACT. 

This week was steller. We brought 5 people to church and a new family. We found these kids that are super crazy but are totally willing to listen to us. They have a pretty disorganized life (not sure if that makes sense in english) and their parents don't really care what they do and almost are never at home. They first day we found them there were like 10 of them. I laughed a little to myself and thought about if some missionaries showed up when I was hanging out in a house with all my friends. But we laughed a little with them and the next thing we knew half of them were like si hombre voy a ir a la iglesia con ustedes! (Yes man we will go to church with you) None of them have been baptized before so stay tuned.

This new family we brought to church are some of my favorite people we have found. They are super young, he is 24 and she is 18. They have a little boy that has 8 months and is chubbier than cannon was. They don't really go to any church and he is totally hyped on reading the Book of Mormon.

For those that are wondering what ever happened with Eduardo and Freddy. Freddy had to talk to the misson pres and it went super well. We teach him about 3 times a week and he is still super hyped to get baptized. Eduardo struggles with Sundays. He likes to go out and ride motor cycles with his buddies and when we explained that you can't do that on Sunday he got super bummed out and hasn't come to church sense but still listens to us when we pass by. 


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