Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Week 76 The Book of Mormon is True

The Book of Mormon is True

Sometime I just sit down and think to myself how can I possible write about this week. The mission is just so full of experiences it's IMPOSSIBLE to write even a hundredth of what happens in the week. I am keeping a really good journal though which I am super proud of. 

This week one fo the families we are teaching went through some really hard problems. One thing that is weird here in the mission is that
I totally have the right to be all up in people business, its awesome haha. No broma but people really open up to us and let us know all about what is going on. This family we are teaching have a super hard life. Each one of them has two kids outside of their current marrige and they have one kid together. But they never stop fighting. We have taught them to pray together as a family and to read the Book of Mormon together. They have read a solid 10 pages of the book of mormon (that's a miracle in itself here in Honduras ). They also came to church with us last week. As we were walking to their house the other day this quiet little voice called out to us from the side of the road and both Elder Co and I where like uhhhh weird who was that. As I kept searching for where they voice has come from I finally saw that the wife of this family was sitting on this little cement bench. It was super late to be out and of all places she was on this little cement bench. We sat down and she started talking to us. She told us how she was going to leave her husband and how things just weren't working out. She told us how alone she felt and wasnt sure what or where to go. They had gotten in a big fight and he had left with their little boy. As she stuggled to catch her breath from crying she told us how she just wanted to be a good mother. My eyes started to water and I thought, what can I possible say to help comfort her. My companion and I started to share our testimonies about the love our Father in heaven has for us. How he loves us in the same way he loved his only begotten son Jesus Christ. We asked her if she could remember the things we taught her about how difficult Jesus´s life was. She smiled and said "yo se que el me ama y que envio ustedes". (I know He loves me and sent you both) One of the strongest moments of my mission, where I knew without a doubt that we are truly representatives of Jesus Christ. Later that week we went to visit them and they told us of the things they had been reading in the Book of Mormon about Jesus coming to the Americas. 

I had interchanges with Elder Reyes this week. He started his mission just a month ago. Really is a trip to be with new missionaries and realize that I am not one of them anymore. Had a great lesson with him. The whole day was really rough and we had walk allll over the place and no one was home. At about 8:30 we finally found an less active family. We sat down with the couple (the dad had been baptized at 8 and the mom was baptized just 4 years ago) the mom, the husband, and their three boys. We started off a little rough but soon the spirit filled the room and we testified of the temple and of eternal families. I had the impression to sit next to their three boys that at this point were distracted. I put the three of them at my side and started to explain how the Lord needed them to serve missions (8 years old, 9 years old, and 11 years old, not one had been baptized). I explained that if they didn't go on a mission how many people wouldn't hear the Gospel. That when they choose not to go to church it affects a lot more than just their family. The wife started to cry and told us how greatful she was that we had been insiped to visit them.They attended church this Sunday with their three boys. 


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