Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Week 74 Honduras Update #stayturnt

Honduras Update #stayturnt

The first line of these letters is always a struggle. This week was a little slow if I am honest. We had a big multi zone meeting on Tuesday. Elder Meads basically ran up to me and told me that the family we were teaching was finally getting baptized!! They are selling food with the ward to help pay for the wedding. Then he told me about this other girl, we took to the temple one time to teach, was also getting baptized. Which I legit was confused, because haha when we took her to the temple she just lost her mind about baptisms for the dead. But she started to read the Book for Mormon after I left the area and a grand change took place. I will get the pictures from Elder Meads one day and put them here on the blog. 
Then the Elders in Marcala were like heyy Elder Thorn EVERYONE talks about you and loves you. They want to hear where you are and what you are doing. They also told me that Freddy is super active in the Church and will be receiving the Melchizedek priesthood this month! Almost cried. I was really feeling a little unloved and hearing all these stories just made me want to thank the Savior so much for letting me have a part in this grand work.

Taulabé, is chugging a long. We are really trying to help the branch pres and the other leaders get involved in the work. Brother Avila helped us bring these two kids we found that got baptized in other towns but now live in Taulabé. One was about to go on a mission but had some crazy family problems and for that reason never went. It was really awesome to see them there. Reminded me a lot of when I was inactive for a little awhile. 

Eduardo and Freddy are going to get baptized this week! Honestly have been some of the most perfect investigators ever. They have come to church every week since we met them. Eduardo is alll set up to go to the institute classes! We had a really special lesson with them this week about the mom of Eduardo. She left the family for some young kid and spent all this money. Then started buying drugs for the younger brother of Eduardo (who later would end up getting shot and killed for the same problems) and it really took a toll on the family. My companion shared his own testimony about his own difficult family life and how his mom had also rejected him. The spirit filled the room. We helped them realize the healing power of the atonement. My comp finished by showing them the picture of his moms baptism. 


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