Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 73 Thoughts


One of the best weeks of my mission. With the world wide missionary conference, and all the amazing lessons we had this week MY testimony has grown so much.
Something I had never really thought about before, until this week, was how important our thoughts are. That's where everything starts. Success starts with thoughts. If your results are not what you want it's because your thoughts aren't in harmony with your goals. Results come from actions, actions sprout from emotions, and emotions are cultivated over time from your thoughts. Change your thoughts and you can change your results. Whether that be your income or a problem with the word of wisdom. I love the Gospel and I hadn't had a single day since the start of my mission that I haven't bore my testimony about the Savior. He lives. He love us. And this is our time to prove that we are worthy of an eternal inheritance. 

Start bringing people to church. I wish I could just sit down with a few of you that are at home and shake you a little so you realize how much the Lord needs you. Set the goal to never finish the week without inviting someone to church. 

We went and played soccer at this little field in the mountain.

lol this is Honduras in one photo. Giant house annnddd right next to it a shack that used the left over paint.

Elder Thorn 

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