Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 72 I Got that Coconut Milk Mustache

I Got that Coconut Milk Mustache

It's coconut season here and they cost 10 limps or like 50 cents. Yep worked a solid 100 limps into the budget for coconuts. Needless to say I am happy here in Honduras. Also took a shower with the same bowl that I ate corn flakes out of. Honestly makes me laugh, so perfect the Lord knows me and where he sent me to serve. My comp and I are really receiving the blessings from our obedience. I guess that's my number one goal with Elder Co, 100% obedience. When we are obedient the Lord is obligated to complete with his part. He as offered us everything he has and when we obey he pours out blessings. The branch here in Siguatepeque is going to start helping us a lot more. We had an awesome meeting with the branch president and set some goals to have leaders form the branch here in Tualabé every sunday. With that help we are going to start having the three hours in church! 

Eduardo and Freddy came to church again this week! We had to come here to Siguatepeque...annddd they didn't let us know till Saturday at like 6. Super lame because we couldn't let every one of our investigators know and some of them showed up Sunday morning at our house but we had already left to Siguatepeque. But we went and told Eduardo and he was like no no problem we know we have to go or we won't be keeping the sabbath day holy. That is a prepared investigator. They now have 3 assistants at church so they can get baptized but we are going to keep with the 6th of Feb so they can learn all they need to before they make a covenant with the Lord. 
This is all of the youth from the branch that came with us to the caves.

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