Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Week 71 Will Power

Will Power 

We had a stellar week this week. Eduardo and his dad Freddy came to church again. Eduardo is the funniest dude, so inspiring because he has had some of the hardest trials these last few years of his life and he doesn't even think twice about complaining. He is ALWAYS helping his dad (Freddy is blind as of 7 months ago) and you can just see how much he loves him. I think Eduardo is going to be our first baptism here in Taulabé. He is only 26 and with that being said he struggles with a few things. But we are reading the Book of Mormon to him and he reads it with his dad during the week. It's really refreshing to find someone that is just taking hold of the Gospel. He even invited his neighbor to listen to us in the lesson and she committed to coming to church.

Going with the title I wanted to just write for two seconds about how powerful your soul is. To think about where we come from and who we really are has always be the most fascinating idea to me. To think that I am the son of the creator. That he taught me one on one before this life. That I know him. I know is face, voice, hands, and that he is giving me the chance to become like him. That is the greatest truth I know. That is your soul. That is who you are. Now think for a second about your body. It's new. Maybe 18-90 years old. That's NOTHING. Your body knows NOTHING. It's lazy. It gets tired. It gets sick. It likes to do what it wants when it wants. It never thinks of the long term gain. Don't let you body run your life. If you body makes the choices for you, you are never going to become like you Father in Heaven intended. In the scriptures we read that the body is like clay. What do you have to do with clay? Mold it, shape it, make it into the way you want it to be. Set that goal to stop giving into your natural man and focus on what your soul wants to accomplish. 

This is sacrament in Taulabé. about 20 people every sunday.
anddd this is my desk.

This is a pilla, it's where I wash my clothes. Sooo ready for a washer and dryer. 

Finally went to the caves here in Taulabé. sickest thing ever.

I got the package(: happiest shirt ever. Also letters from the ward. wow. Felt so loved to read everyones letters. Luke Orton was the best "I hope santa can find you in Honduras." Laughed for a solid 5 minutes. 

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