Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 65 Thanksgiving Madness

Thanksgiving Madness 

worst part about the mission is....trying to spell in english. 

This week was whack and went by super fast. We set up this awesome lunch for Thanksgiving with a few other Elders. We had planned to go at 12:30 but didn't get there until about 1 and they were just starting to cook. We had a baptism interview to do for the zone at 1:30 so we couldn't stay. The interviews took quite a bit of time and we ended up not getting back to our area until about 3. We then had to go teach Fam REYES (most perfect chosen escogido perfecto no so que familia del mundo) and didn't get out until 4. Then we had a meeting with our ward mission leader (totally loves us now and is helping us plan a bomb Christmas activity) and then we had ward council. In the end we didn't get out until 6 and Elder Meads and I were dying from hunger. But we always have the best dinner Thursdays with the family Martinez that got sealed about 6 months ago. We showed up to their house and.....totally weren't home. Elder Meads and I laughed for awhile and ended up eating tamales (blended corn with meat in the middle and they wrap it in the corn husk) so that was my Thanksgiving.

This is probably going to be my last week here in Santa Fe and well I'm not that hyped about leaving. We really are working so hard and Elder Meads is just awesome. The Lord is guiding us. It honestly seems like every where we go we find someone that was waiting for us. We set some super big goals for this week and I know it's going to be the best week I have had here.

Had interchanges with Elder Quispe! koolest thing ever to see how much he has grown and progressed. We passed the whole day laughing and sharing stories. I guess I never realized how good of friends I have here in the mission until this week. I love people here. 

Love you all so much. Everyone that writes me honestly makes my week that much better. My camera doesn't want to send fotos right now.. 

Elder Thorn

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