Monday, November 23, 2015

Week 64 Have You Felt the Spirit Today

Have You Felt the Spirit Today? 

Had interchanges this week with Elder Wager (bakersfield, california) and he had that on a post-it note on the inside of his journal. Really had a steller week this week and I always find myself with a solid 5 minutes to write this.

We are really working soo hard with the members in the ward. About two months ago we got a referencia from a member about a less active family. We started visiting with them and in two weeks about half the family started coming to church. They told us about their cousins that also lived in the area. We had a hard time finding them but when we finally did they were so welcoming and really had been waiting to come back to church. We starting working really hard with them because they are not sealed in the temple. They are now super active in the church and should be getting callings before the year ends. 

They told us about a ton of people that lived on their street one being a Hermana Wana. We went to her house Thursday night. Small little two room wooden home. We shouted from the door, like we always do, and this little girl came out and told us her grandma wasn't home. I made a little joke and told her how brave her grandma was for being out so late at night. She laughed and ran inside. As the door opened we could she Hermana Wana sitting on the bed. She starting yelling to us that she hated the church and wanted nothing to do with us. We asked her why and what had happened. She responded with a couple excuses. My inspired companion told her that a member had sent us to visit her. Suddenly she started to become even more angry with us saying that the sisters of the ward hate her and had treated her badly. She started telling us we needed to leave. I thought to myself well we tired, and took a step off the stairs. As I stepped down the thought came to my mind to pull out the photo I had of Christ in my escrituras. I pulled it out and told her I wanted to give her something. She sent her little granddaughter and I handed her the photo. I watched from the door as her face changed. I told her that was who had sent us to her house. She invited us into her home. Almost crying she told us of all the bad things that had happened in the ward over 10 years ago. We shared our testimonies and talked a little about how well our Father in heaven knows us. Suddenly the whole family came into the small little room and started listening to us. Soon we all were laughing and a sweet spirit filled the room. I felt so blessed to know that my Heavenly Father trusted us enough to send us to Hermama Wana. We are going back tomorrow night to teach the three families that live in the home. 

We took the zone to Picacho today and read our mission calls and shared our testimonies about how the Lord calls his missionaries. 

Elder Thorn 

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