Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 62 Elder Duncan


Pretty much spent the week in meetings but it was solid. Elder Duncan the area presidente of central america came and talked to the mission this week. The leaders of the church are with out a doubt called and ordain of God. The things he spoke about were spot on. It really is such an eye opening experience to watch someone teach with the spirit, to watch how he opens up missionaries and helps them learn through the spirit. He came here to Country so Elder Meads and I got to set up all the tech stuff and make sure everything was running right. Then when we got here I got to talk with him one on one quite a bit. Truly an example of a man of Christ. Also super funny and loving. Made me reflect (think honestly not sure how to word that right) about what people think of me. How do I teach? Do people feel that they really are important to me? Do they see the light of Christ in us? 

We brought 7 people to church this week! We have these two kids that are really coming through por fin. They are friends of Family Tejada who got baptized like 4 years ago. They both are 18 and are going to be steller missionaries one day. We are going to have a lesson with them Wednesday in the house of family Tejada. I haven't wrote a lot about them because we haven't really taught a real lesson because they are always in school but they are on break now so it's game time.

Okay so check this out. Danail, the dude that is reading the Book of Mormon and is just steller. He filled us in a little more on who his dad is. His dad not only is a pastor. oh no, his dad is the leader of ALL the baptist pastors in ALL of Honduras. Ya. He explained to us how when him and his brother do dumb stuff how all the pastors find out and then get on his dads back about it and that's why they live in this little house where no one knows them. He showed us all these pictures of his dad and family and what not and its crazy. But at the end of the day he is changing so much, even his brother Ariel the other day was like hey what did you guys do to Danial? He is like nice now haha. It's awesome. 

Here is some pictures. I got some lil plants for the house. swag 
oh and my watch broke this week....tears were shed

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