Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 61 Honduras Hates Halloween

Honduras Hates Halloween

If you even say the word Halloween here everyone is like oh my you have got to be kidding me you must love satan and I just like nahhh bro I just love stealing my little brothers candy. No but I think I had to explain what halloween really is like a solid 50 times this week. But we did take some pics so check it out on my blog. Hahaha a bunch of the missionaries tease me about being a mormon mommy blogger. Swag.

This week was ROUGH. We are teaching some of my favorite people in the mission. In the way that they actually do stuff for themselves. Like reading and coming to church. But this week was not one of those weeks. I think one of the most basic ideas of the Gospel is that anything you do that causes you to break the commandments brings sadness and remorse. No matter who you are or what you believe in. The Gospel laws are universal and apply to everyone. That being said its super sad to watch people that you really care about fall into satan's trap and choose another road. That in short is what happened this week. But in the end everyone has their own agency and it's beautiful when someone makes that change on their own freewill. 

Took a TON of pictures this week to try and give you guys at home a better idea of where you boi is at. Oh ya and we found a monkey this week.


Loward's car. We are trying to get him to give us a ride to church to help him keep his commitments.
went to this massive soccer field today with FIVE zones. never been done before.

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