Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 60 Life is Better With Orange Juice

Life is Better With Orange Juice

This might of been the fastest week of my mission. Last week of this change and I am really hoping we get some killer missionaries in the zone. Everyone is a little burnt out and we are trying to do some crazy stuff to wake them up.

Found out that the family we were going to baptize isn't married....ya dropped the bomb. We have asked soo many times if they got married and they are like sii si sisis. annnd then the other day when we went to teach them the word of wisdom with this other sister from the ward they just drop the bomb... ya we were married buutttt we got divorced. So ya that's the new news. And now we are helping them take out papers and what not.

Other guy we are teaching which is the probably the funniest investigator I have had in my whole mission. His name is Daniel and hahah the dude is into art and photos and just slays it with weird questions. But he started reading the Book of Mormon and invited his whole apartments to read about Nephi. 

TOOLIO, my boy, this random guy that came to church this last week and then we took is direction and whatnot. Turns out the missionaries were visiting him over 2 years ago but he was drinking and smoking a lot so they stopped teaching him. Well now we hasn't drank in 4 months or smoked. Also has been reading the Book of Mormon. We are going to baptize him on the 7th if all works out solid. 

If you are in the mission or not, just follow the rules, it's the only way to be happy. 

3 Nefi 11.14 is my scripture for the week.
  Levantaos y venid a mí, para que metáis vuestras manos en mi costado, y para que también palpéis las marcas de los clavos en mis manos y en mis pies, a fin de que sepáis que soy el Dios de Israel, y el Dios de toda latierra, y que he sido muerto por los pecados del mundo.

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