Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 58 Your Girlfriend Loves My Car

Your Girlfriend Loves My Car

One of the better weeks in the mission this week. Elder Meads got a package with american candy.

We are working so hard here in Santa Fe and it just seemed all week that everything was falling through and no one was keeping their commitments. We are teaching a pretty wide variety of people. Old to young, single to a big family, Catholics to pot heads and everything in the mix. I feel so blessed to be a missionary in the time of "teach people not lessons". I honestly love planning wacky lessons to try and get the attention of the person we are teaching. Or how we can best adapt the Gospel to THEIR lives. That being said we really have be working like mad this week with helping people ENJOY reading the Book of Mormon. But Saturday in the afternoon we hit a wall. We had been teaching all week and still didn't have anyone committed to church. We said a prayer and told our Heavenly Father that we were ready to find the people that were going to go to church this Sunday. First we went to Efrian and Yohana, the couple that went to church two weeks ago. We showed up and they were super busy fixing these air compressors. We set down our bags and went to work. Finished teaching out of the Book of Mormon about the atonement of Jesus Christ and they committed to come to church. 

About two months ago I started making lil comments to this dude in our area that has this slammed teal colored Honda civic. We always would joke around but he never wanted to come to church or listen to us. We went to his house and they invited us in. For the time I can't explain everything, but he and his mom have gone through some really hard times. They committed to come to church and showed up in his slammed honda with a million stickers. The biggest of all "your girlfriend loves my car" on the front windshield. Needless to say when he pulled into the parking lot at stake conference the whole 1000 members couldn't stop staring at his car.

I really need to start writing better. Hate that I can't get everything across that happens in the week.
Had interchanges with Elder Corey this week. We started the mission together and it was sweet to see how much he has changed. 

Elder Corey

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