Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 59 Dona Chocha

Dona Chocha 

The mission is the best place on Earth. I have been studying the Atonement this week and I'm starting to understand how much my Savior really did for me. I have been reading Jesus the Christ these past few months and I won't even attempt to write about how much I have learned. The book is massive. But I would encourage you to read just the section that starts with the Santa Cena and go from there. 

This week we had a few things that were unexpected. The Husband of Ana Rosa (or what ever familia says Chocha) died this week. He worked with cars his whole life and developed a strange condition in his lungs. We were passing by Wednesday to visit Ana (never have had the chance to visit with the husband) and there were like 15 cars outside the house and allllll these people. First thing I thought "birthday party what up" and as we got a little closer I realized that everyone was in black and sobbing. We decided it would be best to just call the relief society and pass by a letter in the week. The son called me Friday (he is a member but hasn't been to church in 10 years or more) and asked if we would be willing to pass by Saturday and share a little message, I said of course and that was that. We planned a little lesson with Ana's grandson Cristian, who also baptized her, about the plan of salvation and showed up around 6:30. When we got to the house there were a soild 40 people. and within another 20 minutes another 20 or so. Elder Meads and I both looked at each other smiling as we began to realize what a special opportunity we had. We sat down with the whole family. Only about 5 being members and opened singing " Que firmes Sentimientos". (How firm a Foundation) 
The spirit filled the room and I felt so blessed to be there with my companion. I start off talking about how life started long before this life we can remember. That long before we are born we were with a our loving Heavenly Father in our spirit bodies. I continued with Adam and Even and the changes that came about with the fall. Everyones attention was on us as my companion testified out of the Book of Mormon about the atonement and the joy that comes from knowing that all live in Christ. That all the pain we feel, the sicknesses that we will pass through, Christ knows them all, and descended below it all. Cristian then finished with Christ lives. That he rose the third day and that because He lives we all too will live. It was an experience that I will never forget.

Elder Lopez came to visit me this week, for about 30 seconds, but it was great to see how much he has changed. Love the kid!

This is abuela Leyte that has a son who is the mission pres in Costa Rica. She loves us and horrible mexican music. 

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