Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 63 You Can Do It

You Can Do It 

YA totally out of time but this week was fantastic! We had our Zone meeting and I am really starting to be a more loving person, I think. I think for all of those that knew me before the mission, and even more so those that followed me on twitter know that I wasn't the nicest kid or the most loving. I think that is really starting to change. I realized during the zone meeting, after I spoke, that I really just wanted the missionaries to be happy. I remember how hard it was for me when I only had 3, 4, or even 8 months in the mission. Looking back it was just like YOU CAN DO IT. Like you can baptize the whole world. You are just a little 18 year old kid in a different country do you not realize how much the Savior is helping you, how much he loves you, how much he wants you to succeed? 

As far as the area goes the ward LOVES us. We started bringing lil snickers to the ward council to try and help people be more motived to give us references. Just something lil to show them that we really are here to help them. Needless to say it's working. Everyone wants to leave and teach with us. Everyone is always like hey elders I want you to visit my neighbor and they are going to be at my house Tuesday at 6. I don't think you guys at home realize how steller that is. Makes the work soo much easier and more enjoyable. Life is good. The Gospel is perfect. We are truly the family of our heavenly parents and they don't want anyone to get left behind. Don't be selfish with what you have. Share the Gospel. Be Creative. 

Lil photo of Elder Ang after the zone meeting. Happiest dude.

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