Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 66 Honduras is Cleaning Up for Christmas

Honduras is Cleaning Up for Christmas
Christmas has totally started here in Honduras and everyone is hyped. The people here really love Christmas. Not anything like Christmas in the states but they really love what they have. Most people put up trees and lights. But they all paint their houses. It's Awesome. Everyone cleans their house and paints it and just makes everything look super nice. We went and painted an entire house this week of the less active family that loves us.
This week went a little different then planned. We were really trying to clean the area for the change. We went with the people we are teaching and decided if we were going to keep teaching them or no. For a lot of them it was a no. One thing I have learned here in the mission, is that some people are ready and that is why you are there. Others are just starting the process and you are there to plant a seed or to help the little plant they have grow. I have taught more than 500 people in my time here. Everyone has been the biggest blessing. It's honestly a miracle that anyone opens the doors for us. 

I didn't complete all my goals for the week but we did bring 7 people to church. haha its a head ache bringing that many people to church. We have to be running and asking members to do this and help with that, all to try and make sure everyone has a spiritual experience. I love it here! We have enough food in our fridge right now for two weeks, all from members.  
We had a GIANT stake Christmas activity and this kid from the ward did the funniest dance as santa. 
This was a lil whacky. Made me realize how OLD I am now. This is Elder Jones. He has exactly a year less then me in the mission. Really awesome kid from California.

 Put up the hammock again
I am almost 20

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