Monday, December 28, 2015

Week 69 Christmas Honduran Style Round 2

Christmas Honduran style round two 

This week went by too fast and I made a lot of special memories. Family Avila invited us to eat dinner in their home the 24th. Christmas here is celebrated the 24th. And I felt so at home with them. I felt so welcome and even the lil daughter Ruth told us to go to bed early because santa was going to drop off presents. Cutest lil family.

Calling the family was a special moment. I think something that I never thought about before the mission was how great it is to hear a familiar voice. Every time I have talked to my family here in the mission I get this heart throbbing feeling when I first hear my mother's voice. The family is truly the greatest part of life. We spent the whole week teaching people about the family and the role we all play in the family of our Heavenly Father and the proclamation to the world. The Family is such a power tool. I don't think there was a single person this week who didn't let us into their home. 

Had a once in a mission opportunity this week (I hope someone laughs at that) we got to teach the family of the Mayor of Taulabé. There is a couple missionary; family Mendoza. They are so amazing and helped us set a date to meet with The mayor and his family. We showed up yesterday and met the whole family. Super nice and even gave us juice. The Mayor himself never showed up which made for a downer, due to the fact he was stuck in some remote town about 2 hours away. But we taught 13 people about how to have a successful family and how to do a prayer as a family. We finished the lesson with Elder Mendoza and his wife singing. Then we knelt in prayer, all 13 together. We will be going back this week to teach them the restoration.

Familia Avila

 We got stuck in Siguatepeque and there were no buses. Thumbed a ride back with this dude in a semi. (as far as I know this is not against the rules) He has been going to church the last 6 months but can't get baptized because he needs to get divorced and than married. Miracles happen.

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