Monday, December 21, 2015

Week 68 Week of Service

Week of Service 

Hardly got to work in Taulabé all week. Pres Ferman is super focused on doing a bunch for service this holiday season and we as a zone did some steller projects.
But the two days we did get to work we found 6 families. I just pass all my time smiling here in Taulabé. Other then at night. Our house is a oven no joke. The lil group here is growing and we are slowing finding people that were baptized in other parts of Honduras but now live here. Something super sick that happened this week was we got to attend and speak at the weddings of 5 families that got married. They do these group weddings here. They all go to the court house and they marry all of them at the same time. The mayor does a lil speech and all the families come. There is a couple that is serving a mission in Siguatepeque that is next level. Elder Mendoza. He hooked up a connection with the mayor and the four of us went and talking in the wedding ceremony (Elder Mendoza his wife, elder Co and I) but the best part was after. We gave them all "The Proclamation to the world, The family" and they all agreed to meet with us. Then the Mayor himself accepted that we visit with him on the 27th with his whole family. Miracles are happening. 


Bus ride selfie

Shined shoes in the park for free
Elder Small played the guitar
this drunk dude came and held the sign for a soild 2 hours and got tons of people to come 
Set the foundation for a new home.
Blistered hands
Pres gave me permission to ride a horse haha best day of the mish hands down 

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