Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Week 4 One month in my pocket you'll aint got it (that rhymes though)

 COMP/I DUNK NOW (on 9 foot hoops)

Missions are the dopest thing ever. I think my whole idea of a mission and my mission really changed this week. I’m finna get to that in a sec but first, let me take a selfie. Lol nah first I got a new comp his name is Elder Davies. Straight out of Iran!! Like the dopest thing ever. lololol nah the kid is from Michigan. Slayyysss at soccer and he is only here 2 weeks. Luckiest kid alive. I’m thinking his Spanish is going to be dope. Buuttt ya haven’t heard it yet. He is just super low key about everything so I don’t know yet. But he took four years of Spanish or something.  2 weeks is how long the natives are here so I’m like boi what you finna hide from me. Kool kid. Nice. Only been here one day. He just came into our class yesterday and said uhhh Elder Thorn I’m your new comp. Weird. Made him sleep on the top bunk though to show him what’s up. We teach a lesson tomorrow so I can’t wait to hear his Spanish.

My Spanish. Oh my dearest girlfriend that is called Española. We spend a lot of time together. Like 10 whole hours a day. I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious. No but my Spanish is pretty good. I guess that’s why I’m so ready to leave. Because at this point I can teach a 20 minutes lesson in solo Española and not stress it.

Ya it sucks but they get what I’m saying. It’s a wonderful feeling to study something and be like this sucks, I can’t learn all of these verbs or rules, then to work hard and just say whatever ima study these flash cards and if I don’t learn it then that’s that I tried. Then you get into a lesson and your just remember the grammar rule or the words you studied. The Lord is a special kind of teacher.  If you put in the time and pray, or should I say plead, to learn this language he helps you retain the knowledge. He doesn't give you the knowledge, no he only will help you retain what you have truly tired to learn. It’s a simple process, a hard one, but its simple. 

Not too much went on this week. Still no temple though which sucks. I’ve been on the same couple acres of land for a month and I’m sooo ready to get out of this box. But I want to share an idea with you that we talked about this week and really hit me in a way that the scriptures usually do. We listen to these talks that are only given to missionaries given by general authorities. Elder Bednar gave this talk on the character of Christ. He used this quote from a different general authority (that I was too slow to write down and I cant look it up) but he said there would have been no atoning sacrifices without the character of Christ. He uses the phase turning out word. Meaning that the savior never thought of himself. He gave three examples. First the healing of the ear on the guard after he had just gone through the most significant thing to ever happen and that will ever happen. He never says anything or seeks for the attention of those around him. Now I thought about this and was like okay of course he didn't it’s the Savior. But we forget how real the savior felt the same temptations that we feel. He mentioned while Christ was on the cross that he was literally worried about everyone but himself. Even those that had just drove nails through his hands. My favorite though is in Matthew 4 this is where the Savior had just fastest 40 days and satan is tempting him. First off its probably the most hardcore thing ever, how He is just like, bro your nothing to me to satan. But after satan leaves, it says in verse 11, that the angles ministered unto him. Now go to the little “a” that’s on the word angles. It’s translation. The angles came to Christ because even God was proud of what he had just done. But is the Savior proud of him self? He sure doesn’t show it or want to be acknowledged for it. The JST of this verse (verse 11) says that the Savior sent the angles that were sent to him to John because he knew he was in prison and needed it more than him. This concept on the Character of Christ is amazing to me. Sorry this is so long. Miss all you guys.

The mission is the place to be. A neat quote “a life without purpose is a life without affect”. Love that. Love all of you. 

Elder Beeston

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