Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Week 3 Half way bay baby


Half way bay baby

Kind of in the groove of stuff now here at the CCM. Lots and lots of classroom time which is not my thing. I try to get outside anytime I can. Oh ya the weather here is top notch. It's really never that hot and it's only ever even kinda hot around 2. But I have gym in the morning and its so bomb. We also own our casa now. 
Before we had to do laundry after everyone but we are the oldest in our house so no one touches it. Which is nice cause then we don't have to spend the whole morning waiting for my crap to be done. 

My Spanish, well its coming. In class it's not that good and when I have to write a talk I can't remember anything. But when we teach our teacher just pretends to be an investigator, sounds a lot easier than it is. They hold to the role like the iron rod! Like wont speak anything English and speak so fast. Or they will just be like ya prayer is stupid and I don't believe in God. Then you just slam them with like yo sé qué and its top notch. 

 Oh the new natives are in our casa and the one kid is from Honduras. He says it isn't that bad. But then we asked him if he has lived anywhere else and he is like "here", with a big smile on his face. So who really knows. He also says that the women will just slap dudes butts if they think they are cute. We thought he was kidding but who knows. The CCM is ight, the food is kinda weird sometime but they have Nutella and junk every single morning and night so if all else fails. 

I ball pretty hard in the cage life of soccer. But all these new latinos showed up who are dang good and they don't like me much lol. Me and Framp from Lonepeak always play. He is a homie. He is wicked good at basketball so we go play dunk ball on the nine foot hoop and ya well not my thing when everyone is 6'5. Oh mom I need a rain jacket like stupidest thing ever to not bring one. Just send me pictures of some or whatever and then just send it to the mission home in honduras or something. ya thats all for this week I will put some pictures on here.

love you dudes, stop smelling funny though - GRANT

 the weird lego hand things are a monument for drainage systems hahahahahah so funny to me

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