Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Week 1 First week in the CCM

I have a lot I want to say and I hope I can type it all or rather just remember it all. First thing first I'm the realest. lol nahh but I am on a Spanish keyboard so every word I type says it's wrong. So it only increases my horrid spelling. It's also really hard to not type Spanish letters or to type anything that you need to type first such as () because you just have to guess what key does it. 

Well my first companion is Elder Edwards. He is from northern Utah and played basketball and what not. Super nice kid, his Spanish is a lot lot better than mine. But he is having a really hard time. He says he wants to be here but he hates everything here. He doesn't ever feel the spirit. He just thinks he shouldn't be out here. Me and some other Elders gave him a blessing. It was the second most spiritual thing I have felt since being here. I was so nervous when I started. I honestly had hardly thought about what I would say. Then about half way though I just lost it. I know that's so cliche but the power of the priesthood is not. I wish I could send home the power that is here in the CCM, that's what they call it down here. I wish I could say that my blessing has helped him decided to stay here and maybe it has,  but today was P day and he said even playing basketball didn't make him happy. I hope they just put him on some meds and he feels better but I really don't think that is the answer. Pray for him.

The atonement is so real and so true. Even though I will never be able to understand how God could create something so powerful. The Lord has something truly special for me to do out here. And I pray that I can accomplish it, because it is so hard here. Well lol not really. I eat wicked good food and they have this apple juice that is made by angles. I will send a picture of the machine it comes from. I have learned and grown so much being here just a week I cannot imagine after two years.

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