Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Week 2 "2 weeks or 2 days"

Elder Santos
Honestly spoke as much English as I do Spanish but we were homies. He is going to southern Mexico. Also helped me translate my talk for Sunday. He is the funniest kid alive and he helped me all the time. They were only here for 12 days so they left on Monday but they loved us

First thing first my comp went home. He left Friday morning at six. I really did enjoy my time with him though.  He was having some really crazy panic attacks and just couldn't handle being here. We met with the psych and the president a lot. They think he had some serious anxiety problems. So now I'm in a trio. With Elder Goodman and Elder Corey. He is from Orem. We met a little before we left home, after we found out we had the same call. We thought at most we would be on the same flight to Mexico. Now we share a room and are comps lol. He is a homie and we work pretty good together. Elder Corey is pretty quiet but a nice kid. 

I think everyone really down plays a mission. They never really tell you that you're going to get to play soccer every day for an hour.  Or that all our teachers are going to be the funniest dudes ever. I don't know, I've just really started to like it here. 16 hour days suck though, and I still fall asleep in class just like in high school. My Spanish sucks. For a few days and at times still, I'm frustrated with myself. I ask my self what else can I do. But then I remember it's just been two weeks. I've taught like 6 or 7 lessons in only Spanish. It's hard and frustrating when you can't share your testimony. But for the first time yesterday I was talking in the lesson with out just reading from my lesson plan. It's the weirdest feeling when you can feel the Lord helping you learn. I consider myself a fairly smart kid but I know when I memorize a 100 words in a few days that it's not by my own power. Using those words in a sentence is a different story. 

The best way to describe being here is days feel like a week and a week feels like a day. I really never get homesick during the week. Mainly because it just doesn't fit into the schedule lol. Legit though my whole day is planned out to the 5 minutes it takes me to walk to the commodore. I miss Brighton a lot. I kinda just miss going home and feeling that feeling of comfort that is only felt at home. I also miss church lol. I know that sounds weird but church here is just like 20 of us in the class room and we have sacrament. Then they randomly call up people to talk, it's dope. I'm going to finish this now. I will be on for another 20ish minutes so email me if you get this before then. Oh also I will put pictures in another email because I can only send two at a time and they get all huge on this computer so ya. Miss ya love ya. 
Tell dad to work as hard as he possibly can in New York. Tell J she better not mess up my room. Show cannon this little picture of the futsal court. Ashton don't kiss boys.

These are all over the place
My room.

CCM campus
Futsal court
We had a ping pong tournament in our house. Probably not the best idea but the natives bribed this guy to give them ping pong paddles and a ball. We just used the living room table and then this light off the wall as the net. The natives are the sickest ever.

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