Saturday, September 6, 2014

"I'm Here"

Mexico CCM September 4, 2014.  Branch President J. Stan Martinea.
Small world...Grant's branch president is an old friend of his grandpa Jerry.
His wife saw his name tag and made the connection, and then sent this photo.

I made it down here to the MTC and I feel like I'm on another planet! Flying in here, I could see more homes than I think I have seen in my entire life. It is just houses on top of houses. Also, flying on a plane really isn´t that great. It was raining like crazy when we got here to Mexico. We got on this old school bus and there really are no rules of the road. People just drive all over the place, semi trucks parked on the side walk, and red lights mean absolutely nothing. There were 8 other kids going to my same mission that were on my flight. There was 20 of us total on the plane and it made it really easy to know where I was going. Customs was nothing, no line or anything, she just looked at my passport and said, "welcome to Mexico". Oh it smells like armpit here, and it rained, so wet armpit. My P day will be Tuesdays as of right now. Love and miss you guys. 

-Love Elder Thorn (ya i got a name tag)

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