Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Week 5 Reunited and it Feels So Good

The real OGs

The myth the legend is true, I did get to see McKay yesterday. I had been sitting in class for a solid 3 hours about to die when this little head pops in the door and says my name. I see McKay and felt like he was just walking into my house back at home. Honestly probably the most meaningful hug I have ever had with someone.
I only got to see him for about ten minutes though which was legit trash but whatever. Its amazing to see how much the Lord cares about little things. And how much he cares about our relationships.
There is no doubt in my mind that it was by the way of the Lord that I got to see McKay. I also felt like I should be crying the whole time I saw him but I felt absolutely amazing that we both were on missions. Standing in Mexico City both serving the Lord. An amazing experience and one I will never forget

Conference was amazing. We watched all the session in the movie room or whatever, and its soo hot in there and we had to wear suits so ya that aspect sucked. But I learned a lot about the type of missionary I want and need to become. Just a few things from conference that I really enjoyed (and these are off the top of my head because I don’t have my note book on me): Setting goals is one of life´s essentials, at least if you want to make it anywhere, both in regular life and in spirit. Don’t make goals and then do things that work against them. When you make a goal write down things that will stop you from that goal. Then don’t freaking do those things, simplest and a great life lesson. Second thing is in Holland’s and I have spent a lot of time reading about this is week. That the Savior didn’t have a place to lay his head. The Son of God, the being that created this world didn’t have a place to stay on it. Goes back to the whole character of Christ topic that I really enjoy and am trying to learn more about. 

Okay two things here that are whack. First thing, we wrote our names in pencil on a white brick in our house and we got so screwed over for it. We had to do two hours of service today cleaning walls in this random house. Like with a scrub bush and ladders. They don’t mess around down here. Really made me mad at first because it came off in two seconds. But was a good reminder that I am a missionary and there isn’t room for crap like that. Nonetheless it was annoying. Second thing my comp has a weird secret that I’m still not sure about and he avoids it hard. So first day he already had all his books and stuff and said his mom bought them. I thought it was weird but whatever. But then the other night he fell asleep early so we were going to stack all his books on him and we found this green packet (they give you one when you get here it as a lot of stuff in it) I’m like you piece of crap you lied about getting a packet. Then I look at the date and it says the 15th of Jan and I’m like huh. Pretty sure he came out in Jan and had to go home for something and just doesn’t want anyone to know. Ima get him to tell me though. I’m Sherlock Holmes boiiii

I will probably email Monday night. I leave for Honduras at like 2:30 in the am on Tuesday. But my flight doesn’t leave till like 6:20. I don’t know it sucks but whatever. 

Soujia Boi 

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