Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Week 7 Germania


Honduras is not of this world. One of the first things that I did here was ride on a bus. If you don’t push someone then you didn’t ride the bus correctly. Really though, everyone is pushing, shoving, and falling all over each other. Then you just hand the guy 4 limps and are like ya sorry and you get off. You could ride across Honduras for like 50 limps. That’s like 2 dollars. I’m not kidding. Oh the wheel on my suitcase fell off so ya that sucks. I found a suitcase in the dirt though and I think I’m going to bust it off and screw it onto mine or something. My house sucks. It is under construction and so every night when we get back, there is water all over. It’s annoying. Oh I get hot water though. We have this shower head that plugs into the wall that heats the water. It’s my best friend. 

I have no time to write because the computers suck here. I have had to switch computers 3 times since I sat down. But it’s really hard here for me. I thought my Spanish was really good. Well no, but I thought I was understanding most of what people were saying even if I couldn’t say much back. That is out the window. I have to focus on ever word just to get a gist of what is being said. My comp is this white kid from Idaho that is lazy. His motto is legit, and he said this my first day, "at least we tried". soo annoying. He loves to just go sit in peoples houses talk about the states and whatever. Eat food and then just leave and I’m like uhhh bro why did we go in there? His Spanish is really good though. That’s the only plus. I’m really trying to be a help to him and push him to teach but my Spanish isn’t that good at all so I cant do much. It’s hard. The mission isn’t what I thought at all. No one has a dad here. No one understands the point in getting married. 

Love you guys Elder Thorn

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