Monday, April 25, 2016

Week 86 Third Times a Charm

Third Times a Charm
Long story short I am training again. Had to laugh a little when they called me to give me the news. Training is the best thing in the mission because it's like you are starting your mission again, but in a good way. There is no time to think about home or other distractions. My comp is Elder Salgado. He is from Tegucigalpa and is going to Cobán, Guatemala. He had some problems with his visa and has to stay here for a little bit. We had a baptism this week! So I think Elder Salgado broke the record for fastest baptism. He legit had 5 days in the mission. Was a really special day for me. I haven't had a baptism in over eight months and I had been pretty hard on myself. Trying to figure out what I was doing wrong or what more I needed to do to show the Lord that I really wanted to help him baptize at least someone. In the end I realize that this is the Lord's work and I haven't done anything ¨wrong", or it wasn't that the Lord was punishing me, and that is why I hadn't baptized. It simply was that the Lord had a lesson to teach me and saw fit to let me wait a little. I also finished Jesus the Christ this week (took me about six months) and my heart really filled with this joy that Christ lives. I think here in the mission I honestly can picture better the day that I return to my Heavenly Father better than I can imagine the day I return to my earthly father. 
 Bryan is who we baptized. I haven't wrote much about him because we haven't had to do that much. His grandpa is the other in white that baptized him. Really stellar grandpa. Legit taught him everything and would always read with him. Made our job really easy.
This is two lil girls of an investigator that we have. so cute 
We packed 24 people into a 15 person van for the baptism. 
 Lil girl took this selfie on my camera. Best photo I have.

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