Monday, May 2, 2016

Week 87 The Book Of Mormon

The Book of Mormon
 Well I was going to send home a million fotos this week but my camera got some virus and who knows when I will be able to send pictures home.
 This week went by so fast. Not sure why but these last few weeks I legit haven't been able to stop reading the Book of Mormon. I get so caught up in the stories sometimes I honestly feel like I know the people personally. We had a kool experience this week with a familia we are teaching. We have about a month teaching them and they are stellar. But they have pretty big responsibilities in the church that they are currently attending. And before they were Catholics and have gone from church to church for many years but now have about 6 years attending their current church. They always have a million questions and sometimes it's hard to keep the focus on the subject. After about twenty minutes of trying to explain the organization of the church, with out any success. I had the impression to ask the mom how it went reading the Book of Mormon. She responded in a way that I didn't expect.
"I have only read ten pages of the book and I'm not sure if the church is true. Or if a lot of the things you have explained are true and honestly I have a lot of questions. But I am absolutely sure that the Book of Mormon comes from God and that it is true. I asked God to help me understand why He would send me from church to church looking for the truth but until now He sent me you two. I'm not sure how easy it will be for me to accept all this. But I know with out a doubt the book comes from God."

The Book of Mormon is the Lord's tool to convert. Use it. 


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